Teeth Whitening Light

teeth whitening light

Whiter Image offers one of the most advanced teeth whitening lights available. It is safe, fast, and convenient with industry leading features:

Teeth Whitening Light Features

  • Modern design and clean lines with a compact, yet sturdy central frame made from reinforced aluminum supported by a steel rolling base for mobility
  •  Countdown timer easily visible to the customer located directly on the light head
  •  Intuitive control panel on the head enables the customer to operate with ease
  •  Offers a wide range of motion to reach and accommodate all sitting positions
  •  465 ~ 490nm of High Energy Visible Light with the most advanced LED light technology in the industry supported by state-of-the-art drivers from the industry leader in the USA to  ensure peak intensity is maintained at all times
  •  3 High Performance 5 Watt LED lights with narrow wavelength technology are set in a  consolidated arrangement to ensure target focus of the light (Total Wattage is 12 Watts)
  •  Uniquely designed heat dissipation system allows for maximum light strength with minimal heat generation
  •  Power supply: input AC110V~240V, 50/60Hz
  •  LED life expectancy: 100,000 hours; silent automatic internal cooling fan to ensure ideal operation temperature (35°C ~ 45°C)
  •  Blue LED light intensity: >= 3650 Lux, or 100~120mW/cm^2
  •  Blue LED wavelength: 465 nm ~ 490 nm
  •  Total unit weight of just 16 lbs standing 5 ft tall
teeth whitening home edition kit info

LED teeth whitening light specs

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