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teeth whitening kit The White Blitz Teeth Whitening Kits are a customer favorite. The system is simple to use, gives lasting results in as little as 15 minutes, and works with our Premium Teeth Whitening Light. Perhaps the most appealing part of the teeth whitening kit is that it comes at a fraction of the cost of larger brands – something you and your customers can be happy about. The sanitary, vacuum sealed mouthpiece quickly conforms to the patient’s mouth and provides our proprietary teeth whitening gel that is designed for sensitive teeth. Get all the results of an expensive teeth whitening with no hassle and no mess with White Blitz Teeth Whitening Kits.Order our teeth whitening kits today and give your tanning salon or spa clients another reason to keep coming back!

Teeth Whitening Kits Features

  • Each kit comes with all supplies need for a self-administered LED whitening including a bib, teeth wipes, Vitamin E lip moisturizer, and disposable tooth shade guide
  • Each mouthpiece comes vacuum sealed for freshness and is preloaded with a proprietary hydrogen peroxide absorption strip designed for sensitive teeth
  • The mouthpiece is vented for easy breathing and customer comfort during use
  • Suggested Retail to your customers:  $69.00 for 1 Kit, $99 for 2 Kits, $129 for 3 Kits

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