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Teeth Whitening Marketing Drives Revenue

Teeth Whitenig white smiles
It’s simple. Teeth whitening is the number one cosmetic demand in the country with $15 billion spent each year. Why not put some of that revenue in your pocket with your spa, salon or tanning business? Every day, your clients are walking out the door and spending their teeth whitening dollars elsewhere. Stop the madness and offer them a solution.

Earn up to $130 per customer and 70% profit! White Blitz is an industry leader with retail products and full chairside systems with outstanding results, beautiful packaging and dedicated Account Managers unlike any company in the industry. We guarantee it. Contact us to earn more.

Dedicated Marketing & Customer Support

Teeth Whitening for Spas & Salons | News and Articles

White Blitz Introduces a Tanning Salon Game Changer

White Blitz has recently launched a new marketing program that seeks to address the difficulties tanning salons have creating recurring revenue through monthly memberships.  … [Read More...]

Attract the Tourist Spa-Goer with Whitening Products

Many spas have just one opportunity to appeal to a visiting tourist while making the most of time and profits spent on spa products or services.  In the world of spa tourism, people want to feel pampered on their visits and they look to leave your … [Read More...]

New Marketing Trends: Companies Leveraging White Smiles

Last year a company surprised many when they marketed a new cell phone with a free teeth whitening giveaway. That sounds like an odd combination to some but giveaways can help stimulate interest and if you find out what customers want, you can … [Read More...]


“We just did our first “live” paying customer and she got 6 shades whiter!!! She looked great and was very happy."

– Vernon M. , Aria Spa, Boca Raton, FL

“We just started promotion last week and we have sold a total of 6 clients on the premium whitening sessions with shade improvements from 4 to 13 shades!!”

- Dustin J., Largo, FL

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